Maimonides on Ten Days of Repentance

The Rambam writes in his Mishne Torah regarding the laws of repentance that even though repentance and crying out to G-d is always a positive thing to do, the Ten Days of Repentance between Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur is even more effective. Such an effort at returning closer to the Creator during this most auspicious time, brings immediate positive results. Maimonides claims that the explanation of the verse from the Prophets, “Seek the L-rd and you will find him”, refers specifically to these ten days that are upon us. We are to feel fortunate that we are given this opportunity to “clean up our act”. If we took our Rosh Hashana prayers seriously, we realize just how tenuous our situation is particularly at this time. We do not really control our own destiny. Everything is in G-d’s hands and we are completely dependent on Him. However, we are reassured that it is in our hands to repent and resolve to become more G-d fearing and better people. So let’s take advantage of this opportunity and may we all be inscribed for a healthy and happy new year.