Sarah's Fulfilled Life

Shavua Tov. There is an interesting explanation to the death of אמינו שרה .Most commentators connect her death to יצחק עקידת and the grief she felt caused her soul to leave her. Another way of looking at this episode was that the Akeida was the very incident that gave Sarah, the ultimate satisfaction and contentment as a Jewish mother. The goal of every Jew is to raise their children and grandchildren in the way of Judaism according to the example they set and the values they instill in them. This is a lifelong task that is usually never completely fulfilled. In Sarah’s case, Yitzchak was everything she had in terms of the future. When she heard of her son’s incredible faith and willingness to sanctify Hashem’s name at the Akeida, her life was done. Yitzchak had surpassed her in a way beyond anything she could have taught him. She died a happy woman. We should follow Sarah’s example of making it our biggest priority to never stop trying to teach our children right from wrong, holy from profane, and important from unimportant. Hopefully, our children will listen and glean from our wisdom and experience.