Their Religion - our religion

The reaction by the Liberal-Left to the inhauguration of Donald Trump and his election to the US presidency, is difficult to understand. There are hundreds of thousands of individuals, who are still in a state of shock and mourning, because their candidate lost. Perhaps an analysis of the beliefs of the Liberal-Left in contrast to traditional Jewish beliefs, may shed light in explaining this intense response to a legitimate democratic process in choosing the leader of the free world. It appears that the philosophy of the liberals has developed into a kind of religion. If this is accurate, and its devotees feel certain that they have the monopoly on all that is just and merciful in this world, it is understandable that they lament the blindness of those who do not “see the world as they do.” And what adds salt to their wounds, is that the winner epitomizes the opposite of this great wisdom of the religion of Liberalism. The Liberals have an attitude that it is not possible to be more compassionate and caring than they are. They are so sure of this that they mock those who live according to the Torah. Their arrogance convinces them that the Torah is no longer relevant. Since it is outdated, they needed to step in and teach the world proper values. G-d’s holy Bible has no relevance to today’s sophisticated, technological world. Traditional Judaism believes the Torah applies for all generations. It is a reflection of G-d’s will in the universe. We are totally subservient to Him. His exaltedness does not allow for any other value system or philosophy to come close to the Torah, in terms of justice and morality. The Rabbis speak of humility as the prerequisite to piety, and freedom from sin. Humbling oneself allows a person to turn evil into good. The negation of the Torah and G-d, and substituting instead a new definition of right and wrong, is anything but, humility. The Liberal religion believes that evil does not exist and man is inherently good. Crime is only an expression of frustration. If everyone received love and understanding, and economic opportunity, there would be no crime. Our Torah believes that G-d created good and evil. It is up to man to use his free will to make the right choices. If he chooses good, he is rewarded. If he chooses evil, he will be punished. Unlike the Liberals, there is absolute accountability for one’s actions. The Liberal religion stresses the importance of doing what makes one feel good and be happy. As long as nobody is directly being harmed, feeling happy outweighs real morality. The Torah believes that every Jews’ actions affect the world. There has to be a system that tells a person when he has crossed the line, in his pursuit of happiness. This is the reason for the Seven Noachide Laws. A society must maintain limits, if it is to thrive and certain types of pursuing happiness, are morally wrong and unacceptable. The issue of collective punishment is very different according to the Liberals and the Torah. The Liberals will welcome refugees as a sign of benevelonce, and are willing to take the risk that they are inviting criminals into our country. The Torah demands that we do all in our power to protect the lives of every Jew. There is no glory in allowing ourselves to be killed because we won’t shoot the enemy that uses a child as its human shield.

Probably the most infuriating aspect of the Liberal religion, is seeing someone who is not politically correct. If one can be perceived as a mysoginist, homophobic, or xenophobic, it makes the blood boil. The Torah does not wish to insult anyone, but clearly, the three cardinal sins of murder, idolworship, and sexual immorality, are so severe, that one must be prepared to die rather than violate these transgressions. It seems that to the Liberals, nothing can be worse than to be a racist or even tell an ethnic joke. The liberal views stated above, are constantly being reinforced by the media. They have been adopted by the masses. However, there has now emerged an even louder voice saying that the world is not a better place because of these views. People are not happier and do not have any real direction as a result of thinking this way. The Torah system has survived for thousands of years because it represents G-d’s will in His world. The realization that Liberalism is not correct would make a liberal sad and depressed. But instead of mourning, serious soul-searching is necessary. Humility as described by the Rabbis, is desperately needed to fix that which was made crooked. There is a striking similarity between the world of the liberals crashing down and the Arab-Israeli conflict. For centuries, the Muslim world viewed the Jews as rejected by G-d and that Islam was meant to rule the region known as the Middle East. It was inconceivable that a Jewish entity of any size could exist in the region. They were so sure of the truth of their beliefs. Now that there is a strong return of over six million Jews to their ancestral homeland, instead of seeing Israel as a fluke and wishing to destroy us, there should equally be an acceptance of reality. The only absolute truth in the world is G-d and the Torah. If Donald Trump continues to ask G-d for success, he will succeed in a big way. In the words of the Tanach, “G-d and the Torah are One.”