Trump and Jewish Loyalty

Shavua Tov from LA. I was able to watch the inauguration live which was very memorable. At 12:00 noon on Friday when Trump was sworn in, I had an overwhelming feeling that at that moment, the world became a better place as evil was weakened. In שמות פרשת ,we get a glimpse of our first encounter with self-hating, traitorous Jews. Rashi quotes the Midrash describing how Moshe Rabbeinu, when he was prince of Egypt, could not understand what the Jewish people could have done to deserve being enslaved by another nation. After killing the Egyptian, he is approached on the following day by two treasonous Jews who are not loyal to Moshe’s heroic act. They become informers to Pharoah of Moshe’s act. When Moshe sees this, he says, הדבר נודע אכן” .Now I understand the matter.” The Midrash says that when Moshe saw this lack of loyalty between Jews, and their willingness to help the enemy, he felt this was the reason why they deserved to be punished so severely. May Hashem grant us the ability to destroy the enemies from within, by having them do Teshuva. Needless to say, our enemies from without should also be destroyed. And it would be a good idea if our leaders in Israel would learn from Trump, and openly ask for Hashem’s blessings and help