Bringing Honor to G-d

Chodesh Tov. The Rambam emphasizes that חילול ה׳, desecration of Hashem's name, is the most difficult sin to atone for. There are known cases of חילול ה׳ such as when one must risk his life rather than violate a commandment. However, there are lesser known cases that also fall under the category of חילול ה׳ where only one's death brings about complete atonement. There are three such examples from the Rambam. The first applies to one who violates a Mitzva for no other reason than to annoy, which is called, להכעיס, to anger. The second type of חילול ה׳ is making a false oath which shows no regard for Hashem and the Torah. And the third type is when one should have run away from sin as Yosef did, but his weakness in succumbing to the sin, shows his inability to show regard for Hashem and his Torah. In general, we should pay attention to act in a way that brings honor to G-d rather than making G-d embarrassed or ashamed by our actions.