I was very moved by the Mussaf Davening this past Shabbat. It struck me that we say every week the following prayer: "May it be your will Hashem, the G-d of our fathers that You bring us up to our Holy Land and plant us within your borders." In addition, in all of our Shmone Esrei's we say, ותחזינה עינינו, May our eyes see a return to Zion in mercy. We must take pause and appreciate the reality that exists today that the doors are open to come to Israel to whoever wants it. It is important that we have peace of mind in knowing that we remain true to our convictions. It is also important not to take for granted that we have our own Land to come home to. It truly is a wonderful feeling to know that we had the courage to do what is expected of us as Jews. May the other part of the Mussaf come true where we experience the intense joy of the Temple service being reinstated with rebuilding of the Third Temple.