A Lesson from Mother Rachel

Shavua Tov. Rav Elazar Abuchatzeira זצ״ל used to say that there was a huge message to be learned from the devoted behavior of Rachel Imeinu.

Rachel obviously knew of her father's plan to switch Leah as Yakov's bride. However, she also knew that if she would have protested and exposed her father's devious plot, it would have destroyed her sister. Leah would have been a laughing stock, she may have had to marry Eisav, and she certainly would not have been remembered as a matriarch. Hashem later rewarded Rachel for her loyalty.

Rav Elazar said that we learn from this not to be ruthless. Even if we are right and the other side may have acted improperly, we will see no blessing if we destroy that person. A Jew is always expected to act with compassion even when wronged. This lesson was taught by our Mother Rachel.