Pause and Reflect

  The Ramchal spoke about the importance of being able to "pause and reflect." This means that we need to take regular moments where we stop and think about the direction we are going, and what we are achieving.

The inability to do this, causes us to wander aimlessly without being able to see if the path we are taking is the right one.

The Ramchal says further that if a person never does this, he is on a lower level than an animal. An animal uses its G-d given instincts to separate itself from danger. It is constantly on the lookout for potential attackers and it tries to find shelter from animals of prey.

If a person never stops to think about what he's doing and just continues to act according to how he feels, and he does not look at the potential danger of his behavior, he is lower than an animal.

One of the tricks of the יצר הרע is to keep us so occupied, that we don't have the time to think. We must take the Ramchal's advise to regularly on a daily basis, do some self reflection that will help get us back on track to serve Hashem and live according to His laws in the proper way.