Lessons from וישלח

The של״ה הקודש summarizes each Parsha with lessons to be learned. The lessons from וישלח are as follows:

When one prays and asks something from Hashem, he should be specific in what he asks for. Yakov asked to be saved "from his brother, from Eisav."

From the words קטונתי מכל החסדים we learn that one should live frugally so as not to use up one's merits.

From והיה המחנה הנשאר לפליטה we learn that one should spread out his investments in different places as Yakov divided up his camp.

From the Pasuk, הסירו את אלוהי הניכר, to remove false deities, we are taught to clean our homes of foreign and impure objects. We must keep our homes holy as in והיה מחניך קדוש, "Your camp should be holy." Shavua Tov