Lessons from פרשת מקץ

Some lessons to be learned from Parshat מקץ from the של״ה הקודש: We learn the importance of confessing one's sins from the butler. He was a pagan and he reminded Pharoah of his transgressions. How much more should we confess our sins.

Hashem's name is constantly on Yosef's lips. He sets a good example of attributing our success to Hashem.

Yakov still had food but did not want to arouse the envy of the people around him. It's always a good idea not to show off and arouse jealousy.

It's impossible to confront those who admonish us. The brothers could not answer Yosef. Even Bilam could not answer the rebuke of his donkey.

Gratitude is a virtue that should be practiced by all. The Egyptian clergy saved Yosef's life when he was accused of sinning with Potiphar's wife. Yosef was only jailed because the clergy verified that the tear on his clothing was in front. This meant it was questionable if he did anything wrong. Later, Yosef was kind to the clergy.

Shabbat Shalom and Chanukah Sameach