Lessons from פרשת ויצא

The של״ה הקודש ends each Parsha with lessons to be learned from each Parsha. There are several from פרשת ויצא:

When we visit a historic site, we should stand in awe of it as Yakov did after his dream. We should also treat our synagogues and בתי מדרש with respect.

We should not ask Hashem for more than the necessities of life as Yakov asked for bread to eat and clothing to wear. לחם לאכול ובגד ללבוש.

One should always speak politely as Yakov asked, אחי, מאין אתם.

Yakov reprimanded the shepherds for leaving work early. He said, עוד היום גדול, meaning there's plenty of daylight. This is a hint that we should do תשובה while there is still time.

The Pasuk of וגללו את האבן that Yakov removed the stone from the well is a רמז that we should remove all of the obstacles preventing the גאולה.

Nice lessons to be learned from פרשת ויצא. Shabbat Shalom