Anti-Semitism in Egypt

There is a Pasuk from yesterday's Parsha that needs explanation. When the Torah describes the meal served at Yosef's house for his brothers, it's written that Yosef ate separately, and the brother separately, and the Egyptians separately. The reason given was that it was considered an abomination for the Egyptians to eat with the Hebrews.

The Rashbam says that the Egyptians were גסי רוח, highly conceited. They believed that the Hebrews were inferior to them so that they must not be seen eating with them.

The Radak says that they were repulsed by the Jews for eating meat. They raised cattle for the milk and shearings only.

Rashi simply says that it was something שנאוי, or hated, to eat together whatever the case may be. What is clear is that anti-semitism already began in Egypt where the Jewish people only numbered seventy souls. Jew hatred has no logical explanation, nor does hating someone for being different. This is a painful reality that we would do well to accept.