Parshat Shemot

About to board my flight to LA. This week's Parsha, Shmot, seems to have as its theme according to the של״ה הקודש, that the slavery and suffering in Egypt was necessary. Its purpose was to bring about refinement for the Jewish people before they were able to become a nation.

The של״ה says that the experience in Egypt is to serve as a reminder that Hashem is perfect and if He sends difficulties our way, it is only for our ultimate benefit.

While we are going through the difficulties, it is often very hard to see where there could possibly be a silver lining. These experiences are meant to test us and strengthen us. Egypt seemed to be a never ending struggle. But with faith and sincere prayer, they were answered and they witnessed a spectacular redemption.

We are to keep this in mind as we are presented with various challenges. May we all witness our own personal redemption from all of our sorrows.

I will try to keep up the Dvar Torahs from the Galut. Shabbat Shalom