Moshe's Questions

Another difficulty in understanding Moshe Rabbeinu is that in the early stages, he seems to be complaining to Hashem. His questioning seems to be downright disrespectful.

Rashi comments about this and says that Moshe was reprimanded for this. Hashem tells him that the Avot, Avraham, Yitzchak, and Yaakov, are sorely missed for they never questioned Him as Moshe did.

When Moshe asks why Hashem made things worse by the Jewish people having to gather straw, he was really asking for understanding as to how Hashem operates in the world. His tremendous humility made him question G-d if he was really the right choice to lead the nation.

Moshe ultimately reached the highest level ever attained by man, because of his questions. He eventually understood how Hashem manifests Himself in this world, more clearly than any human being.

Each of us has to work on "knowing G-d", לדעת את ה׳, in the words of the Rambam. Not only will this knowledge elevate us spiritually, but it will cause us to be more humble people. This will come when we recognize our own vulnerability as compared to the Al-mighty G-d. Shabbat Shalom