Breathing Easy

Shavua Tov from LA. There is an interesting Pasuk in today's Parsha where it says that the people could not believe Moshe Rabbeinu when he told them that he was the redeemer because of קוצר רוח ועבודה קשה. We translate קוצר רוח to mean shortness of breath.

Rashi points out that there is a different way of breathing for one who is stressed out and one who is calm and relaxed. When one is under pressure, he takes short breaths as if he's gasping. When one is relaxed, he is able to take long deep breaths.

This is also good advice as a method to test our own level of functioning. The way we breath, is a reflection of how we are feeling.

In Chassidut, there is an emphasis on רגיעה, calmness. We are to try to maintain a level of peace of mind with the knowledge that Hashem is watching over us. We are to monitor ourselves to be certain that we remain calm and relaxed.

It is understandable that our ancestors in Egypt, were short of breath. We have no excuse but to work on breathing peacefully.