The Maze

The Ramchal gives a famous analogy of the "maze" to describe how people can be without direction. He says that there are two ways to describe one who walks in darkness.

One, is the person who pays no attention to his actions nor to the potential harm that he is doing to himself. He only realizes his folly when he suddenly has to pay for his thoughtless actions. He does whatever he feels like until someone gets hurt.

The second is even worse because he is so much in darkness, that he convinces himself that the darkness is light and light is darkness. This sounds like the liberals who make fun of people who follow the Torah. They ridicule them by telling them they are weak because they don't know how to think for themselves. They convince themselves that their "do what feels good" philosophy is superior.

Both types are similar to one in a maze where they continue to hit dead ends as they are lacking direction. Once a person sees the light, he gets to his destination and is able to help those who are stuck in the maze.