Underlying Themes of Parshat Vayigash

The Parshiot that deal with Yosef and his brothers, have an underlying theme regarding the future. The של״ה הקודש says that the main spokesmen to Yosef were Yehuda and Levi. Yehuda would ultimately wear the Crown of Malchut, kingship, and Levi, the Crown of Kehuna, priesthood. Yosef wore the crown of a good name.

It's also interesting that Binyamin had a role to play because he was the only brother who did not bow down to Eisav. He was charged with destroying Amalek, a descendant of Eisav by way of King Shaul and Mordechai, both descendants of Binyamin. The Temple was also built in the territory of Binyamin.

There is also a hint to the concepts of משיח בן יוסף and משיח בן דוד that will take place in the future. Yosef will lay the physical groundwork for the spiritual Mashiach who will come from Yehuda.

This is why Yosef's job was to physically sustain the Jews in Egypt. This was the preliminary to Yehuda emerging as the ultimate leader of Am Yisrael. It is fascinating how we learn new ideas each year when we review the weekly Parsha. Shabbat Shalom