The Lesson of Kohelet

Moadim Lesimcha and Shavua Tov. The message of Koehlet that we read this morning is very clear. All worldly, materialistic pursuits end in futility. There is something inherently lacking in such pursuits.

Sometimes we encounter injustices in the physical world. The most worthy and honest individual is not always the one who succeeds. We deal with a court system that does not execute justice. In short, seeking fame, honor, or wealth, does not yield happiness and peace of mind.

The only thing that is worthwhile are spiritual pursuits. There is a great sense of satisfaction in lightening the load of our fellow Jews. Connecting to Hashem on holidays such as Succot, gives us a High based on holiness. We must remember that selfish people can never be happy. Only those who are givers find that sense of joy and satisfaction.

Koehlet helps give us a sense of perspective and purpose. It teaches what is worth giving emphasis and what is truly vanity of vanities.