Age is Just a Number

Shavua Tov. An important message of today’s Parsha, is truly the idea that “you are as old as you feel.” We learn this from the way the Torah describes the years of Sara Imeinu.

Instead of simply saying that Sara was 127 years old, the Torah says that she was 100 and 20 and 7 to tell us that she had the youthfulness of a twenty year old when she was 100.

The Talmud says that there are seventy-five year olds that act like twenty-five year olds, and there are twenty-five year olds that act like seventy-five year olds. It’s all in the mind and how one views the world.

The Talmud also tells us that Kalev and Yehoshua were the same age. When they were both eighty-five, Yehoshua became an old man as זיקנה קפצה עליו, old age overtook him. But Calev still remained youthful when he was eighty-five. So we see that “age is just a number” and that we should have the wisdom of an elderly sage, and the feeling of youthfulness of a young man. Youthfulness represents idealism and we must never stop being idealists.