The Power of a Bracha

Many people are familiar with a song called, “Tanya” that turned Avraham Fried into a star. What many do not know is that the lyrics come from מסכת ברכות.

The Kohein Hagadol, Rav Yishmael Ben Elisha tells the story of a prophetic vision he had while in the Holy of Holies on Yom Kippur. Some say that it was Hashem Himself that appeared to Rav Yishmael, and He asked the Kohein Hagadol to bless Hashem.

His Bracha was that Hashem should never be angry with עם ישראל and He should always judge us with רחמים, mercy, and never with דין, harsh judgement. Hashem likes the Bracha and nods His head in approval.

The lesson from this story is that we are never to take someone’s Bracha lightly, even if it is from a child or a Gentile. King Darius blessed Daniel that he should succeed in building the second Temple. And King David was blessed by Arnavta after selling him the land that was the site of the Beit Hamikdash.

We must never belittle anyone’s Bracha that is directed towards us. The good intentions with which it is made, comes with positive energy and love. And that can go a long way.