Specialness of Tannaim and Amoraim

The stories in the Gemara about how the Rabbis dealt with adversity are both moving and inspiring. Several Rabbis who were critically ill regretted that the illness prevented them from immersing themselves in Torah.

The story of Rav Yochanan is especially touching. He had to deal with the death of ten sons. He carried a small bone of the tenth son with him at all times. He used as a source of comfort to others who were mourning for loved ones. He told them that despite his enormous loss, his faith in Hashem was unshakable. It was rare that anyone suffered as Rav Yochanan did.

It is also interesting how Rabbis such as Rav Yochanan had incredible healing powers. When he visited Rav Elazar, who was ailing, the Talmud tells us that he simply held Rav Elazar’s hand, he was cured.

The faith, holiness, and scholarship of the Tannaim and Amoraim is the reason why we cannot dispute their views. It is difficult to fathom such Kedusha, but it was there. We are left to learn from these Rabbis and try to emulate their way of life.