Hashem Creates Good and Evil

The Bracha that we say each morning is very significant in terms of certain leftist beliefs. The exact words are, יוצר אור ובורא חושך עושה שלום ובורא את הכל, that Hashem creates light and darkness and creates “everything”. The Talmud teaches that the word הכל should really have been the word, רע.

In other words, this blessing is based on a Pasuk from Isaiah 47 that says that Hashem also created רע or evil. It is a clear proof that evil exists. The Talmud says further that הכל substituted רע so as to use a “nicer” language.

One of the leftist arguments is that evil does not exist and the only reason why crimes or terrorism is committed, is due to the frustration of the perpetrator . If he received more love or hugs or economic opportunity, he would behave.

It is amazing that our daily prayers contradict this foolish notion.

Hashem created evil in order to reward the righteous and punish the wicked. It’s all about choices and man needs to choose good or evil.  If he chooses good, he is a Tzaddik and will receive abundant blessings. If he chooses evil, he will be punished and will fall. It’s as simple as that.