Why Did Yosef Cry

Shavua Tov and Chanukah Sameach. Today’s Parsha tells us that Yosef needed to leave his brothers to cry, on two occasions.

The first was when he saw remorse for their actions. He heard them say that all of their troubles were happening because of what they did to Yosef.

The second time was when Binyamin was brought to Egypt. Yosef had Binyamin sit with him as each brother had a partner except for him.

When Yosef offered to be Binyamin’s partner, he asked him how many children he had. Binyamin answered that he had ten sons. He asked what their names were. Each son’s name had to do with him longing for his brother, Yosef.

For example, he said his first son was בלע, because he disappeared among the nations. One was named בכר because Yosef was first born to their mother. And another was חפים, because he did not see my  Chuppa and I did not see his.

All ten son’s names were connected somehow to his big brother. Yosef was overcome with emotion, and had to go out and cry.