Reunion of Yakov and Yosef

One of the most dramatic and moving stories in the Torah, is the reunion between Yakov and Yosef after twenty-two years.

The Pasuk tells us that Yosef fell on his father’s neck and cried, but it did not say that Yakov cried. Rashi tells us that Yakov was reciting the Shema at that very moment.

Rabbi Soloveitchik adds that a kiss from Yakov would have meant that he was acknowledging Yosef as king, when this was reserved for Yehuda. Shmuel kissed Shaul as a sign of anointing him as king.

The Rav further explains that Yakov was teaching another important lesson. The only absolute permissible love, is our love for Hashem. This love is to take priority over any other love that we might have in this world-including the derp love between father and son. Shabbat Shalom