Rebuke and Yosef and His Brothers

Shavua Tov. There are two interesting commentaries regarding Yosef’s revealing himself to his brothers. The first comes from the Gemara in מסכת חגיגה that comments on the brothers being unable to respond to Yosef.

The Gemara says that when רבי אליעזר came to this Pasuk, he cried. He said “Rebuke of flesh and blood was followed with, ‘They were unable to answer because נבהלו מפניו, they were embarrassed from his face.’ The rebuke that we will receive from Hashem, how much more!”

This is very strong Mussar, that we are accountable for our deeds. We will, one day, stand before Hashem and be judged for the way of life and choices that we made.

The incident of Yosef and his brothers shook up רבי אלעזר. It is meant to shake us up as well.

(Second commentary tomorrow בע״ה)