Reunion of Yosef and Binyamin

The final bit of drama from פרשת ויגש was the reunion between Yosef and Binyamin. In this case, both brothers cried on each other’s shoulders.

Rashi tells us that each cried because of future בתי המקדש that would be destroyed in each one’s territory. The two Temples were in Binyamin’s territory. And the Mishkan was in Shilo for 369 years in Yosef’s territory in Shilo.

The מעינה של תורה explains that the two brothers realized that this destruction would come about because of שנאת חינם, causeless hatred. The cure for such hatred is mutual love that is so strong that one feels his brother’s pain stronger than his own pain. They hoped that such love would be the תיקון for the destructiveness of שנאת חינם.