No עין הרע for Yosef

Shavua Tov. The Talmud in מסכת ברכות that Yosef was blessed in that he was not subject to the destructive, עין הרע, or evil eye. Certainly his brothers initially had it in for him and wished to kill him. Nevertheless, he managed to survive and flourish.

The secret to Yosef’s gift is found in the Bracha that Yakov gave to Yosef’s sons, Efraim and Menashe. Instead of giving them the standard פרו ורבו, be fruitful and multiply blessing, they were given a unique Bracha.

They were told וידגו לרב בקרב הארץ, to multiply like fish. Just as the fish of the sea are protected by the water, Yosef’s seed is protected from עין הרע.

For this reason, we add המלאך הגואל אותי as part of our night time Shema, so that we are similarly protected.