Yosef’s Preparation

There are many who questioned whether Yakov was correct in showing favoritism towards Yosef. This might have been an equal factor as to why the brothers hated him, to his annoying dreams of rulership.

Rabbi Soloveitchik felt that the special relationship between Yakov and Yosef, had a profound effect towards shaping Yosef for his future role as viceroy to Paroh.

Yosef was referred to as the בן זקונים, the son of his wisdom. Yakov loved Yosef for his wisdom and intelligence. Yakov was the father-teacher. His Home allowed Yosef to develop his personality.

Yosef was both a visionary, a dreamer, as well as implementer. His goal was to somehow blend his economic, organizational skills with his own spirituality. Ultimately, he succeeded in a big way.

A lesson to be learned from both Yakov and Yosef is how adversity and difficulties should be embraced. For without learning how to overcome them, we never are able to achieve big things in the world. Shabbat Shalom