Real Leadership

From yesterday's Parsha, we learn a great deal about leadership. The Pasuk says וירד משה מן ההר אל העם, that Moshe came down from the mountain to the people. Rashi on the spot points out that Moshe literally went from the mountain to the people. He did not take care of his personal affairs but went directly from the mountain to the people.

Moshe Rabbeinu set the example of dedication to his nation. His personal concerns were of no interest. The interests of the people meant everything. It is no coincidence that it is mentioned that judges as well should be individuals who do their jobs without considering personal gains.

One needs to be very certain when thrust into a role of leadership, that he must not give any thoughts to his own interests.

This is a high bar to shoot for, and Moshe was showing that it could be done. Ideally, one should have his own means of support and not depend on the position he occupies for sustenance. This will allow him to do his job more effectively. מן ההר אל העם, like Moshe.