G-d and the Torah are One

The word אנוכי in the Ten Commandments is very significant as it is the source for the existence of Hashem. As it says in the Tanya, Hashem and the Torah are one. In other words. The existence of G-d and the Torah work hand in hand.

The של״ה הקודש says that this is implied by dissecting the word אנכי and spelling it backwards.

It would be י׳ אנ״ך, meaning that the י׳ refers to Hashem, the א׳ is אורייתא or the Five Books of Moses, the נ׳ would be נביאים, the Prophets, and the כ׳ for כתובים or Scriptures. Together it comprises Hashem and תנ״ך. Hence, a רמז that Hashem and the Torah are one!