Shavua Tov.

Our Parsha today has the words ורפא ירפא, "and he shall surely be healed," following the case of personal injury due to a fist fight. The attacker must pay doctor bills for the person he beat up.

The Gemara in Baba Kama says that this is the source from the Torah that doctors have permission to heal one who is ailing.

This is significant since we have another Pasuk that says, אני ה׳ רפאיך, "I am Hashem that heals you." The questions is, who is the one who heals? Is it the doctor, or Hashem?

The answer brought by the Mekor Chaim is that when the people were on a high level of faith, if they would get sick, they would go to a prophet who would tell them what sin they committed. They would do Teshuva and be cured. Nowadays, when  people are not on such a high level, we are forced to go to doctors for healing.