מודה במקצת

  • Another idea in the Parsha yesterday is the concept of מודה במקצת, which means a partial admission. This refers to a case where a person is asked to pay back a loan and he denies owing the full amount but only owns a part of it. In such a case, the person is forced to make an oath to confirm that what he's saying his true.
  • If the person denies the loan entirely, he is entirely exempt and he owes nothing. The rational given in the Talmud, is a lesson in human nature. The Gemara says that a person would not dare deny a loan in its entirety when someone is kind enough to lend him money. But he would try to delay repayment by only admitting part of the loan.
  • From personal experience, I have seen that the rules regarding מודה במקצת are really true.