The של״ה הקודש speaks of the enormous burden placed on one who becomes a judge. He says that a judge needs to possess five important qualities.

First, he must be certain to always be examining his own character traits. The Rabbis say קשוט עצמך, adorn yourself, or fix yourself before trying to fix others.

Second, a judge needs to be courageous and not be afraid to give the correct judgement. His decision may be unpopular or offend, but he must stick with the truth.

Third, the judge must always remember that when he gives a correct decision, he becomes a partner with Hashem in creation. This should be a good motivator in judging.

Fourth, sometimes common sense is needed. Not all answers come from the books. A judge should be encouraged to use common sense.

And fifth, a judge should always give reasons to explain why he judged as he did. This will eliminate a great deal of anguish on the part of the litigants if they understand why the judge ruled as he did.

As usual, incredible sage advice. It goes without saying that humility must also be at the forefront of the decision making process.