Chametz and Negativity

 Another message learned from the idea of ridding ourselves of Chametz, also comes from the של״ה הקודש. He says that the act of cleaning our homes of Chametz is to rid ourselves of negativity and negative influences.

We are to be aware that we can easily get sidetracked from our goal of achieving holiness, if we allow negativity to come in. The negative influences put doubts into what we are doing and makes us wonder if we will achieve our goals.

Rav Mann זצ״ל used to speak about the dangers of negativity. He would see this as a constant battle to be sure that we are thinking in the right way. We should be aware when we allow negativity to come in, and we must learn to send away all negative thoughts.

The act of removing the Chametz, is meant to drive home this point. Stay away from negativity and negative influences.