Jewish Majority

Upon reflecting on Jewish History, there is an amazing historical fact. When the Jewish people left Egypt, there was a period of nearly nine hundred years that the majority of the Jews in the world were living in Eretz Yisrael.

In Kings I 6:1, it says that at the end of 480 years from the exodus from Egypt, the Temple of Shlomo Hamelech was completed. His Temple lasted 410 years. The ten tribes were lost at the end of the first Temple period.

Since that time, which was about 2500 years ago, the majority of Jews in the world have not lived in Israel. This is about to change.

Incredibly, we have merited living in a time when once again the majority of the Jews are living in Israel. Conservative estimates say that this will happen in the year 2130. At that time, new Halachic laws will take effect regarding תרומות ומעשרות.

Happy are those that have eyes to see and appreciate these special times we are living in, and chose to be part of that number of Jewish majority. How sad it is for those who are unable to pry themselves loose from the Galut, and have not come home.