Milk and Meat

In this week's Parsha, כי תשא, we have the Pasuk that deals with בשר וחלב, milk and meat. Three times in the Torah we are told not to cook a "kid in its mother's milk." Because it's written three times, we learn that one prohibits cooking the two together, one prohibits eating, and one prohibits getting benefit from such a mixture.

The penalty for this violation is lashes as it falls under the category of a לאו, or negative commandment. In order to get lashes, one must eat "actual" milk and meat and not something that only has the taste of milk and meat.

This Mitzva is unique as it is the only situation where the two items by themselves are kosher, and it is the mixture that creates the problem. Therefore, if one cooked non-kosher meat together with milk, he has not violated the Issur of בשר וחלב. To be continued tomorrow בע״ה.