More on Parshat Parah

Shavua Tov. The Haftarah for פרשת פרה may be the most inspiring Haftarah of the whole year. Just as the Red Heifer purified the people, the Prophet Yechezkel speaks of a time when Hashem Himself will purify the nation.

The prophecy seems to be speaking of the times we are living in today. Hashem will feel that it's time to bring about the redemption, not because we deserve it, but for the sake of His holy name that was desecrated among the nations.

Therefore, Hashem will bring His people home from all four corners of the world. He will once again allow the land to produce in abundance. And the desolate cities will once again be filled with people like the cattle before a pilgrimage festival.

Hashem tells us that "You will be my people and I will be your G-d." No longer will you suffer the shame of poverty among the nations. It is amazing that we have merited to live during these incredible times. We must never take this for granted.