Parshat Teruma

Parshat תרומה discusses all of the details in constructing the משכן which was very much similar to the Beit Hamikdash. There were three primary vessels spoken of that were placed in the אהל מועד in the משכן and the היכל in the Beit Hamikdash. They are the ארון קודש, the שלחן, and the מנורה. Each one has its own symbolism.

The ארון קדש symbolized both Torah study and humility. This is the reason for half measurements to show that our studying is never complete. Similarly, it teaches we are not to get carried away with ourselves. The poles of the ארון קודש were a reminder of the special reward given to those who support Torah study.

The שלחן is a reminder of פרנסה and that are livelihood comes from Hashem. Our table should be open to helping the poor and needy and be welcoming of guests.

The מנורה teaches the idea of חכמה אלוקי, or Divine wisdom. The light of the Menora signifies that special pure and holy light that comes to the Jewish people. It fills us with a special understanding reserved for עם ישראל. Shabbat Shalom