Seventh Day of Pesach

Shavua Tov. Hard to believe that Pesach has flown by so quickly and tomorrow night is the seventh night of Pesach. The seventh day celebrates קריעת ים סוף, or the splitting of the Red Sea. This event is a close second to the Revelation on Mount Sinai on Shavuot.

Our rabbis tell us that the שפחה על הים, the maidservant by the sea, had more prophecy than יחזקאל בן בוזי. Yechezkel's prophecies were considered the deepest and highest of any prophet.

The entire nation was transformed and elevated to the point where they witnessed the "Hand of G-d." In this state, they saw an image of G-d as a powerful warrior fighting on behalf of עם ישראל. (At Mount Sinai they saw Hashem as a saintly sage with a long white beard.)

The only images that one can witness is in a subconscious state as in prophecy. Claiming to see an image of G-d in a conscious state would be blasphemy or idol worship.

Our focus on the last day of Pesach should be to acknowledge Hashem and His outward miracles. Even the nursing baby suddenly stopped nursing and praised Hashem with the words זה א-לי ואנוהו, this is my G-d and I will glorify Him.

Yesterday was four with ספירת העומר