Our G-d-Like Soul

It has often been said that we need to give more attention to our soul, which is Eternal, than the body that lasts until 120. It has also been said that our נשמה, is G-d like in nature because of its eternal aspect. Just as Hashem is Eternal, so is our נשמה.

The Talmud in Berachot 10 asks why King David said the words ברכי נפשי five times in Psalm 103. The Gemara's answer is that there are five similarities as to how the נפש, also defined as soul, is like Hashem Himself.

Just as Hashem fills the universe, the soul fills the body.

Just as Hashem sees without being seen, the soul sees without being seen.

Just as Hashem sustains the universe, the soul sustains the body.

Just as Hashem is pure and holy, the soul is pure and holy.

And just as Hashem resides in an inner sanctum, the soul resides in the most hidden part of the body.

Perhaps if we realized how important our soul is, we would give it more attention and nourish it with the "soul food" of Torah and Mitzvot.

Yesterday was eight with ספירת העומר.