Special Kohein Laws

We came across an interesting Halacha regarding who a Kohein is allowed to marry. The problem is how we define the word זונה from the Torah. It is clearly written that a Kohein may not take a זונה as a wife.

Any Jewish woman who had relations with a non-Jew is a זונה. The same applies to a Jewish woman who was with a man, who at that moment if they wanted to marry, they could not. This would include an already married woman who had an affair, would also be considered a זונה.

An additional problem is how we view the convert. A Kohein may not marry a convert for the same reason of זונה. However, despite an argument in the matter, Israel's Chief Rabbinate permits the daughter of a convert to marry a Kohein.

However, in a case where one's mother is Jewish but her father is not Jewish, the daughter is forbidden according to all opinions to marry a Kohein. The Jewish woman has defiled herself and it directly affects her offspring.

I hope this clarifies a very confusing matter in Jewish Law.

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