Collective Impurity

A little known fact related to Temple service involves a situation of collective defilement for coming in contact with the dead. Particularly with the קרבן פסח, it would still be offered and eaten, if the majority of the Jewish people were טמא מת.

What is unusual about the Pesach sacrifice is that it is also permitted to eat from that sacrifice even in a state of ritual impurity.

There is an incident mentioned from the Tanach where King Chizkiyahu was  confronted with such a problem. He was reprimanded for electing to postpone the offering of the Korban Pesach to Pesach Sheini a month later.

This does not really have ramifications for today but it is interesting to see how important it was to continue Temple service under surprising conditions such as the masses having contracted the ritual impurity that comes from having come in contact with the dead.

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