Securely in our Land

It is interesting that the Parshiot of בהר-בחוקותי always fall around Yom Yerushalayim. Each Parsha mentions the idea of וישבתם בארץ לבטח, that you will live securely in your land. The commentary of the Rabbis to these verses is that בארץ אתה יושב לבטח ולא בחוצה לה, that in your land you live securely but not outside of the land.

This idea is also the basis for how Jews are to behave while living in the Galut. Jews are to keep a low profile and are to be careful not to flaunt their wealth and arouse the jealousy of the nations where they live.

It must be further emphasized that we are to act like guests when we are living among the nations. History has taught us that we can never be sure when we have worn out our welcome and are no longer wanted.

We must be reminded that the only home for the Jews is in Israel. This is why ultimately, in Israel we live securely but not outside of Israel.

Yesterday was 36 with ספירת העומר