One Sin Leads to Another

One of the themes of the Parshas this week is how one sin leads to another. In Pirkei Avot we say עבירה גוררת עבירה, that one sin drags us into more sins.

The Parsha begins with the laws of the Sabbatical year. If one does not keep שמיטה, he will begin to be impoverished to the point that he will be forced to sell his movable objects. When he uses up this money, he will have no choice but to borrow money with interest, which is forbidden. If he remains stubborn and does not do Teshuva, he will continue to fall financially to the point that he's forced to sell himself into slavery. The only one willing to hire him, will be a non-Jewish master, who is likely to oppress him. All of this began because of the lack of faith of refusing to follow the Shmitta laws.

The message of the Parsha is clear and simple. If we observe the commandments and work hard to do what is right in the eyes of Hashem, all will be good for us and we will receive abundant blessings. Shabbat Shalom

Yesterday was 37 with ספירת העומר