The Sound of Rustling Leaves

Shavua Tov. In today's double Parsha, we had the תוכחה, or the rebuke. Moshe Rabbeinu makes it clear that there will be great reward for the observance of the Mitzvot and severe punishment for the violation of the commandments.

There is a frightening Pasuk in the תוכחה that uses the words, קול עלה נדף, which means the sound of rustling leaves. Moshe is warning that there will come a time that you live in such fear that you will always feel that someone is chasing you. You will run away in fear when the sound you are running from is only the sound of rustling leaves.

We must thank Hashem every day that we live in a time where Jews are free to practice their religion all over the world. And, even more importantly, the doors to Eretz Yisrael are open to welcome any Jew that wishes to come here. Nearly half of our people are here. We need to pray that the other half gets here soon.

Yesterday was 39 with ספירת העומר