Yom Yerushalayim

In Judaism, the matter of הכרת הטוב, appreciating the good, is of great importance. To be a כפוי טובה, an ingrate, is considered to be a very negative character trait.

With this in mind, I am surrounded by the singing and celebrations of Yom Yerushalayim, literally right outside my door. Thousands are on their way to the Kotel proudly waving their Israeli flags with singing and great joy and enthusiasm.

Some of us remember the miracle of the Six Day War. This was probably the greatest open demonstration of the "Hand of G-d" since the splitting of the Red Sea. What took Joshua seven years to do, the IDF with Hashem's help, did in six days!

There is an expression that when one is standing next to a mountain, he does not realize how high it is. We are still living through numerous mountainous events every single day.

As we mark fifty years since the reunification of Jerusalem, we must never take it for granted. We must express abundant gratitude to Hashem for this miracle and all of the daily miracles He sends our way.

יום ירושלים שמח

Yesterday was 43 with ספירת העומר