Special Bond

Shavua Torah. In today's Haftarah from the book of הושע, there is a reference to the special bond between Hashem and the Jewish people. The analogy is that we are like a husband and wife and "married" to Hashem.

The prophet speaks of a time that we will be so close to Hashem that it is like a woman who feels so close to her husband that she does not refer to him as בעלי, my husband, but אישי, my man.

Such a moment of closeness was on Mount Sinai, where our bond with G-d reached tremendous heights of spirituality and holiness. We were on a level where we were capable of the Revelation where we heard G-d speak the first two of the Ten Commandments. The Kabbalists explain that we were on a level of Adam before the sin. At that moment, death was abolished.

Unfortunately, this was erased with sin of the Golden Calf. Nevertheless, these three days before the holiday, known as שלושת ימי הגבלה, are meant for us to try to elevate ourselves anew for the giving of the Torah. We are each to try to recreate that bond and connection of holiness once again.

Yesterday was 46 with ספירת העומר.