Jewish Destiny

Many are familiar with the term נעשה ונשמע, we will do and we will hear, in connection with the acceptance of the Mitzvot given on Mount Sinai. However, it is also written only the word, נעשה, we will do, without the נשמע.

The ספר התודעה, the Book of our Heritage explains this נעשה in connection with the word, יעוד, or destiny. The explanation is that Moshe Rabbeinu wanted to clarify the unique role set aside for עם ישראל BEFORE beginning to observe the commandments.

This יעוד carries with it enormous responsibility. The Jewish people were meant to be the conscious of the world. We were to be a "light unto the nations.״ We are to set the example of what is moral and just.

Moshe also wanted to make it clear that we were also likely to be hated and persecuted because of this special destiny or יעוד. This did not dissuade the עם and to this they also responded with נעשה, we accept this responsibility.

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