The Torah is Perfection

Moadim Lesimcha. Today we celebrated the greatest day in the history of mankind with the Revelation at Mount Sinai. Every Jew stood in a prophetic state as they heard the first two of the Ten Commandments.

The Rambam describes how the Torah was written during Moshe's forty days on הר סיני. Moshe was elevated to the level of angel where he did not eat or drink during those forty days.

Many imagine that Hashem dictated the Torah like a boss to his secretary. The Rambam says that the writing was telepathic as he received every word from Hashem on the highest level.

No book was ever written this way as we view the Torah as absolute perfection. The Torah was for all generations and it is absurd for anyone  to even think that this perfection could ever be outdated.

This is the celebration of Shavuot. We rejoice and give thanks to Hashem for this incredible gift called "the Torah." It is truly Divine.