A Lesson from Flies

Shavua Tov. A theme of today's Parsha, is to strive for holiness and to try to separate from materialism and strive for spirituality.

The של״ה הקודש says that the reason why the Shunamite was so impressed with the Prophet Elisha was that she noticed that no flies came near him while he was eating his food. She, therefore, created for Elisha a special upper chamber with a bed, table, and lamp. Elisha ultimately revived her son who apparently passed away and brought him back to life.

The של״ה הקודש tells us that if we notice flies are attracted to us, it could be a sign that one is too much focused on materialism and he needs to work on his spirituality. It could also mean that one has too much גאוה, haughtiness, and he needs to work on his ענוה.

While screens are a good way to keep away flies and this is a strange commentary, we should still try to gain from the message.

Yesterday was 25 with ספירת העומר